Phillips Gilmore Oncology


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  • Phillips Gilmore Oncology
  • Oncology and Hematology Expertise

    We have a long-standing presence in the oncology and hematology communities. For several decades, we have worked across a broad range of malignancies and cancer treatment products, with a strong emphasis on medical writing. Our medical writing expertise includes chemotherapy, biologic therapy, hormonal therapy, and supportive care. We stay abreast of the latest developments in cancer care by attending major national and international oncology conferences.  We scour the journals and maintain an ongoing dialogue with investigators and clients, so that we are always up to date with the latest developments in the field.

  • Medical Writing

    Our medical writers have advanced medical degrees and clinical oncology and hematology experience. This duality brings a unique perspective to our medical writing, giving us the ability to tell our clients’ stories in a realistic way. As medical writers, we provide full support for the preparation of scientific articles in world-renowned peer-reviewed journals and have supported the publication of hundreds of such articles. Beyond individual journal article drafting, our medical writers have expertise in publication planning, as well as in offering support for scientific and poster presentations at major international oncology meetings.

  • Meeting Management

    Our management process is set apart by the fact that our clients receive senior leadership on every project. Our team can provide full support for advisory boards, symposia, investigator and speaker training meetings. We have the capacity to manage logistics, communicate on our clients’ behalf with health care providers, develop content, produce meeting materials, and obtain accreditation as necessary. Finally, we are familiar with regulations such as the federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act and can assist our clients in complying with reporting requirements.

  • Digital and Creative

    We use experience, strategy, and in-house technology resources to develop cutting-edge digital products that can be accessed on a variety of platforms, so that our clients’ messages reach the widest possible health care audience.

Our Clients

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a talented and diverse group of clients. The touchstone of our approach is responsiveness. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and attention to detail.

Our clients include:

Large & Small Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Cooperative Research Groups

Individual Investigators

Patient Advocacy Groups

Specialty Healthcare Organizations

Community Cancer Centers & Oncology Practices


At Phillips Gilmore, we value relationships. We believe that communication is critical to success.

We have worked with hundreds of investigators, who come from both developed and emerging countries across the globe as well as the United States. These investigators range from local oncologists to the leaders of major cooperative groups. We strive to give each and every person we interact with an immediate sense of comfort and security in what we do, whether we are hosting a meeting in Spain or China, talking to doctors in Brazil or France, or working virtually with members of a writing committee from Israel or South Africa.